The Online Recovery Programme That Will Help Set You Free From Depression

In This Breakthrough Programme, You Will Understand Why You are Exhausted so much of the Time and how to Become Energised and Hopeful in a Matter of Days.

Get Access to the Most Remarkable Breakthrough Programme Available.
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Introducing Free Yourself from Depression with Hope & Firefighting

Hope and Firefighting is a programme of four audios by Human Givens counsellor Andrew Richardson which recreates the methods of his proven face to face therapy. What Andrew has done is to create a programme that provides high impact, rapid breakthrough to free yourself from your Depression.

A Depression can best be understood as an utter exhaustion of the mind – where worries multiply and cannot be controlled or relieved and where rest and relief appear impossible, however hard you try.

What you need above all else is to understand what is happening to you and why and then to begin to be doing things differently. And that is what the Hope and Firefighting programme will do with you. And so the great ignorance around depression will be dispelled – to be replaced by a realisation that recovery is possible and then to actually experience it.

This programme will save you from poring through books, endless blog posts, and YouTube videos… With Hope and Firefighting you can trust that we have developed one of the most high impact depression recovery programmes now available anywhere.

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Six questions for you
If you answer YES to any one of these, then this Programme could be just what you need

Are you mentally and emotionally exhausted?
Can you barely drag yourself out of bed in the morning?
Have you slept for ages, but in the morning you are not refreshed?
Is your self confidence low and hope disappearing?
Do you feel a burden on your family but know that you need something that they cannot give you?
Do you feel trapped in your head – unable to escape thoughts, projections and self obsessions that you know are ridiculous?


I see the explosion in the use of antidepressants, doubling every six years – and still our depression epidemic grows and grows.

I follow the evidence now coming out - of the inadequacies of the NHS talking therapies and those in other Western countries.

I hear the heart breaking stories of my clients – failed wherever they look and desperate and scared.

I read what passes for knowledge and expertise about depression – and am appalled by the ignorance, special pleading and empty jargon.

I know I have something special – ten years of experience in helping my depressed clients and a near 90% success rate – and using the Human Givens approach, UK based and with hard evidence that it really works.

I have said to myself - How wonderful it would be if I could create online audio programmes for depression recovery that as far as is possible offered exactly what I offer to my one on one depressed clients?

And I have done exactly that. This is it - road tested and now ready.

Andrew Richardson

The programme comprises four audios to be listened to as directed. They can be downloaded to your desktop or streamed directly from your Smartphone.
The audios speak to your unconscious and you will notice that regular listening will lift your mood and energy levels in a matter of days. You will be beginning to see your life situation differently and also be changing how you are doing things, day to day.

From these small but important changes progress and change can really begin.

What You’ll Learn
The Twisted Ankle - You will finally understand what depression is and start to get relief from a "dark" fog.
The role of dreaming and how excessive mind maintenance while you sleep exhausts you.
Three threads of depression recovery - learn the stages to overcome depression fast.
Visualisation Power - producing immediate reduction in fog and eliminate the washing machine effect.
What you can do right now that will increase your energy and motivation and improve your sleep.
Breathing and Meditation, designed to enhance your capacity and resources.

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Are These Programmes For Me?

If your emotions and thoughts are out of control and much of your life is just not working, these programmes will help you and more quickly than you might imagine.

I am a Counsellor/Psychotherapist, trained in the Human Givens and these acclaimed programmes of Breakthrough Audios recreate the methods of my proven face to face therapy.

You may well believe you are depressed, whether you have had a formal diagnosis or not. Or is could be that you are chronically anxious, stressed and fearful. And for sure, your life will not be working well and your self confidence will be low and may well have fallen to rock bottom.

Do you live in a state of mental and emotional exhaustion – with a lack of energy and motivation, particularly in the mornings? And does this then spill over into other parts of your life?

You will probably be getting little pleasure from your daily life; you will be tending to hide away and feeling guilty, but you just cannot put your finger on why.

Your head may well be full up with self obsessed worrying and rumination which is getting you nowhere but which you cannot control.

You may or may not have consulted your doctor and he or she may or may not have prescribed antidepressants or conventional counselling – notably Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). But these have not helped (or at least not enough) and you are looking for something else.

Now, whether you are still taking antidepressants or have stopped or have kept well away from them – it matters not. These programmes are for you – but with two caveats.

The first is if you have had a reliable diagnosis of bipolar disorder. I use the word reliable advisedly. But the fact is that bipolar is a mental disorder of big mood swings which is beyond the scope of this programme.

The second is that those with a reliable diagnosis of Asperger syndrome will also find this programme difficult. This is because many of the audios use trance to facilitate change and entering the trance state is difficult for those with aspergic tendencies. It does not make the programme impossible, but it will be more difficult.

And now, let’s get on.

Break Through In Your Own Time

and at your own pace.

Contact me by email for personalised help

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These Breakthrough Programmes to Emotional Health can be accessed via iphone, desktop, ipad.

Andrews Audio Breakthrough Programmes
We learn best by listening and imagining, and then doing. This is why the core of the Breakthrough programmes are audios that speak to your unconscious.

Andrew’s great success has been achieved with one tool above all others – his persuasive and authorative voice.

The power of Andrew’s voice - the words he uses and their delivery reflects Andrew’s considerable experience, his Human Givens training, a lot of thought and trial and error and a curious and open mind.
Knowledge and Understanding
Knowledge creates hope. This is why an explanation of what is a depression is plays such a vital part of the Hope and Firefighting programme. And for Trauma Release, Clearing Patterns and Be Remarkable also.
Quieting emotions
Controlling and quietening emotions is essential to activate your resources – this is why the Trauma Release and Conscious Relaxation audios may be so essential.
Clearing away damaging habits and patterns
Sometimes long held habits and patterns can self sabotage and halt progress. That is why the special Clearing Pattern audios can be vital to your recovery.
Taking Action
Activities that yield results bring self confidence and a self feeding positive sequence – which is why the Action suite can initiate remarkable change.

The Virtuous Circle to Emotional Health

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Read what others are saying about Andrew Richardson

“You have saved my life, quite literally. I never thought I would ever feel like me again.”
“Andrew has given me my life back. He is the real thing”
“you helped me so much in so many ways”
“Without you, things would never have changed. I owe you so much ”
“Your compassionate voice definitely adds value.  I love the whole arrangement.”
“Your programme gave me hope and helped me in my way back memory to the recovery”

Who Is The Architect Behind These
Audio Breakthrough Programmes?

Andrew Richardson
Addictions, Anxiety and Depression Counsellor

Andrew Richardson is a therapist with truly outstanding results in over ten years of private practice. He uses a unique therapy method called Human Givens - and in his practice has developed these ideas with proven success.

These breakthrough programmes of audios distil what Andrew has discovered works best and he knows that they will really make the difference for you. Each suite is self standing but taken together they provide a comprehensives set of programmes that will transform your emotional and mental wellbeing.
By keeping records of the progress of his clients, Andrew has demonstrated that he is an excellent therapist – literally one of the best.
Andrew is an Intuitive Counsellor and Breakthrough specialist. The founder of Feelbetter Counselling, Andrew draws his expertise from a vast amount of experience and training. For thirty years Andrew worked as a professional economist; in Africa (Swaziland) and for the UK Treasury, then in the city of London and finally as a consultant financial economist.

Andrew began his official journey into counselling and wellbeing at the beginning of the century. During this time, he studied and meditated extensively, particularly in the Buddhist tradition and studied the Enneagram Personality Typing System. This culminated in intensive Human Givens training from 2001 and he continues to utilise such skills and “tools” to help people across the world today.

Andrew's quest is to assist those who seek help in living their lives with freedom and self control; bringing more harmony. In a very short space of time, Andrew has excelled in proving himself as one of the world’s most truly remarkable inspirers whilst dealing with his own challenges of progressing MS (multiple sclerosis) for many years. A testament to Andrew's ability, wisdom, strength and true experience is that this has not stopped his mission and whilst his general practice of therapy is now based from his home, technology such as Skype and the digital product suites have enabled thousands of people to benefit from his skills.

Get Access to the Most Remarkable Breakthrough Programme Available.
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More testimonials

Andrew Richardson’s unique product is a lifeline for people trapped in the terrifying cycle of trauma which so few understand. His comprehensive downloads for depression, anxiety and trauma respond elegantly to the digital age where so much has become immediate. And that is a word that people who are facing the abyss of despair love to embrace – immediate help, where it is needed, in the home.

Andrew’s CDs have pulled me out of a life story I never thought I would put behind me. He makes self-responsibility look like a very attractive tool as my life shifts further towards the light with every listen. Thank you Andrew – you are a star!

Jean Edinburgh April 2016

Andrew is an amazing Practitioner. Deep relaxation and hypnosis enabled me with his help to address my issues at a sub-conscious level. His patience, understanding and solution focused approach really encouraged me. Even when I could not understand what was going on, he had a way of exploring situations and being able to identify the causes of my difficulties.

Natasha April 2016

NB: this program is not for you if:

*You have had a reliable diagnosis of bipolar disorder.
*You have had a reliable diagnosis of Asperger syndrome.

If you would like assistance with any of the above two conditions, please contact me personally, and I will either be able to help you via another program or I will guide you onto someone who will be able to help.


Human Givens has been called the first new bio, psycho, social model of psychology for forty years. Based in the UK dating from the late 1990’s Human Givens is already recognised by the NHS but is nonetheless a real challenge to the conventional way of dealing with mental problems.

Human Givens combines original science with a synthesis of what works and there is academic evidence of successful outcomes where alternative therapies have been less favourable.


Ten years of successful private practice following a previous career in business
A wide and varied therapy experience – helping his depressed, anxious and addicted clients recover and then stay well. Andrew also helps with relationship problems, angers, high stress and overwhelming life problems.
Almost uniquely for a private therapist, Andrew keeps hard evidence of outcomes for all his troubled clients. He knows that close to 90% will be feeling better within four sessions.

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